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A small sample of my history. In reality i could fill hundreds of pages with black & white and colour work ranging from the mid seventies to current practice. It is a collection i love dearly and i am constantly referring to this enormous archive. My goal with this section is to expand it greatly to give the viewer an understanding of the depth of my image making practice.

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These images are essentially the practice of extending ones photographic skills, beyond the basic level, through self-expression and experimentation. Most people just want to take a balanced, colourful and sharp picture. They are happy to use their camera's to make records of their family milestones, holidays and personal achievements. These images strive to develop a deeper, more intense relationship with the media of photography.

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In my most recent work I have been investigating the intersection of realities. Now, in following this project I will further interrogate the relationships between virtual reality/reality, and what makes compelling viewing to contemporary audiences.

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Lost amongst the crucifixes of surrounding Stobie poles, rooted incongruously in its location, the Church of Christ - Croydon 2006 typifies the focus of the series City of Churches.

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It is with the gaze from Ned Kelly's helmet that I began to look at his landscape. A narrow slit - his self imposed panavision. This vision is then immersed & melded with the perspective of an aboriginal dreamscape - most specifically from the Yarralin Tribe - from far north -western Australia.

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A more detailed synopsis of this series will be updated shortly.

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