Stephen Best

photography and...


In my most recent work I have been investigating the intersection of realities. Now, in following this project I will further interrogate the relationships between virtual reality/reality, and what makes compelling viewing to contemporary audiences.

More specifically this project will pursue previous photographic process as exemplified in, The Re-Photographic Survey, by Mark Klett & Associates in the mid seventies. In that work Klett & his fellow photographers conducted a survey by retracing the steps of 19th Century photographers in America's west and re-photographing sites, thereby giving a new vision of past, present & the intersections that became apparent through time.

In my project I aim to conjoin known "real" landscapes with an archive of known "real" landscapes. This, in line with the thinking of scientist Ed Fredkin, & theorist Mark C Taylor, who postulate that, "To think virtuality is to think reality differently." MARK C TAYLOR, 'Interfacing', HIDING , University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1997, p267. will lead me to provide an accurate simulation of known "reality" with the "reality" of the source images. Thereby, I will open the door to the viewers' understanding of the images that I will construct.